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Back Nine Chuck's Fish
DeJohn-Melton Reception @ Vulcan Park Psychedelic 2007
Rare Martini Rhythm & Brews 1/12/08
Rhythm & Brews 2/14/08 Rhythm & Brews 4/9/09
Rhythm & Brews 5/24/07 Rhythm & Brews 7/26/07
Rhythm & Brews 8/30/07 Rhythm & Brews 11/6/08
Rhythm & Brews Various Tuscaloosa Train Station
New Year's Eve 2006 at Workplay Lavalamp at Workplay
Psychedelic 2006 at Skybar Lavalamp at B&A Warehouse
MBA Spring Formal - Bama Belle Riverboat Psychedelic 2005 at Skybar
M-Ball - The ARC of Jefferson County Cafe Firenze - 3/15/03
    Chi Omega - Kappa Delta Crush Party
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