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All 70s, All the time

Do you know where your leisure suit is? You'd better find it - quick! LavaLamp is the preeminent Seventies band in the Southeast, and they're coming to your neighborhood soon. Blending outstanding musical and vocal talents with a fun, energetic performance spectacle, the band is determined to give you a great show each time it takes the stage. When the guys put on their leisure suits and gold chains, they mean to have a good time - and they're gonna take you along for the ride!

The Seventies were a gold mine for music lovers, and LavaLamp grew up on the tunes of this decade. The band blends an entertaining mix of Seventies soul, funk, disco, and AM Gold hits into a frenzy of on-stage excitement. Dressed in polyester, bell-bottoms, leisure suits, afros - well, you get the picture - the guys look the part from the minute the show begins. On-stage lavalamps help to set the mood, and the music comes to life and instantly takes you back to the funkiest time in music history.

These cats will put the "Yes" in polyester, and you won't want to leave the dance floor when they're finished. Don't miss LavaLamp - or you'll be sorry you did!


LavaLamp is comprised of four seasoned music professionals who have been playing together for many years. In the past, the line up had been a performance of classic rock, soul, funk, spiced-up classic country, blues - you name it, they'd play it! The guys loved playing a broad range of tunes, but it had always been the material from the Seventies that got the fans up on the dance floor! Since they had been playing these songs for years, why not take it a step further?!?

The guys decided to really immerse themselves in the Seventies tunes and see how it evolved. The polyester came next, then the hair, and then... the lavalamps! Pretty soon, the band grew into an All Seventies animal that quickly became known as, you guessed it, LavaLamp! The band continues to add new 70s hits weekly, and they are constantly looking for that perfect pair of platform scoots...

The Players

Lump Dilkins (AKA Dr. Pump): Guitar, Vocals, Master of Ceremonies, and Handler of All Matters Groovy and Psychedelic. The Ringmaster of the Seventies Circus...

Sugar Valentino (AKA Sugar V): Bass, Vocals, Keeper of the Lamps, Tweaker of Knobs, Burner of Incense and Vintage Threadmeister. Sugar V is the technical guru behind the scenes and then looks oh-so-pretty when he climbs into his platforms...

The Right Reverend Turner Brown (AKA DooDoo, AKA Da Rev): Keyboards, Vocals, Musical Genius, and FunkMaster Supreme. Yeah, baby! He's the icing on the cake of this musical feast...

Lars Moosecock (AKA The Meat Mallet): Drums, Vocals, Studio Director, Keeper of the Groove and Revealer of Chest Hair. With a name like Lars Moosecock, you know this cat is a real rock & roll drummer. Smooth on the skins and a powerhouse with the microphone. Who's Ya Daddy?

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